Jason's Journey

Jason's Attempt at the RMS

On June 7th, 2023, Jason Heyn took his first steps on a 3-month-long excursion to complete the first-ever Rocky Mountain Slam entirely by foot. With no official trail this voyage would include bushwhacking, service roads, highways, and a bit (a lot) of unnecessary mileage.

After completing all of the 14'ers in Colorado and all of the 13'ers in Wyoming, Jason was hit by multiple snowstorms while camping in the Beartooth Range in Montana. On September 25th, he hopped into the first car he had set foot in for 3 months and hitched a ride to the nearest town, then checked himself into the hospital to treat his frostbitten feet.

You can follow Jason's path here, and check out summit verification videos for each peak (mostly).

Zoom in on the map and click the dot icon to track his times

Click the mnt icon for more information on each peak and a summit verification video

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Rocky Mountain Slam

The Rocky Mountain Slam consists of summiting:

  1. Colorado's 58 14,000-foot peaks
  2. Wyoming's 37 13,000-foot peaks
  3. Montana's 27 12,000-foot peaks

This hike is to be done entirely on foot. There is no offical trail for this voyage, meaning hiking from mountain to mountain will consist not only of trails, but also forest, service roads, highways, etc. This route in its entirety has not been attempted up to this point, so there will be a ton of off-trail and backcountry travel.